Welcome to Nekosu i guess lol!

Nekosu! is a private osu! server.
There are many like it, but this one is ours.
Don't you like 🍆?

We have leaderboards. isnt that cool!!

Online user listing. this is pretty gay ngl

Free osu!direct. hacks?!?!?!1?!??

Global leaderboards. not really global but who care

and PP for all game modes. lol pp thats funny innit

Ranking queue for unranked beatmaps. i dont check this but im sure someone does

Spectator. nice gameplay shown below

Multiplayer. (matty can hack this so be careful)

Nekomimi (9 year old)

with plenty of functions for just about anything, check it out!

And a lot more to come!

does anyone even read this

Thanks to developers who has help me and make server for us Signing up on Nekosu! won't result in getting your account on osu! restricted, so what are you waiting for?! Come join us! 😉

In case you want to make sure we're not doing shady stuff with your data, you can also check the source code Nekosu! is running on.